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And welcome to the ACIDFARM.

We are a hip pharmacy, a secret society who promise you a higher state of conciousness and the worlds leading wholesale trade for muckrakes.
Come on, whoever gonna tell you this just wants to confuse you!

We are a creative studio.

We make and distribute smart products with a personality. We create graphics, logos and layouts for packaging, communication and information media as well as movie sets. And above all we design websites, from a simple online presence to content management and e-commerce systems, interbranch, fancy and highly functional.

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Convention Shirt dark grey  gold

Convention Shirt dark grey gold

100% cotton
bicoloured screenprint
loose fit

We appreciate your visit of the XI. Transnational Mad Scientists Convention in Berlin. Don't forget to take a memento. Our official convention shirts are a timeless classic in all decennia; printed with an especial special colour, which was smuggled with tremendous logistic effort over dubious middlemen from the future through all manner of dark channels and time tunnels of the latest century of the last millennium.

Available in different cuts and colours.

145 g/m²


XI. Transnational Mad Scientists Convention Berlin 2048

23rd of May, 2048.
The Acidfarm!, Berlin.

Items on the agenda (a.o.):
Albert Hofmann & the Kaballah, Artificial Water, Introduction to SAC (moluscan cloning) by D. R. Zoidberg, Time travel & beyond, 4-F-Ohmefentanyl (Self-experiment workshop), Ray Kurzweils Integrated Perception, The Protoplasmabomb: chances for & responsibilities of Pitcoms (post-info-tech-communities).

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19,90 €

Actually 29,90 €, but you pay less!

excl. Shipping costs

Shipping time approx. 4 days (within Germany)